Home Health for the Stillwater, Oklahoma area - quality healthcare in the comfort of your home through a variety of services! A registered nurse is on call to answer your questions and address your needs 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Skilled nursing services such as assessment, teaching, wound care, dressing changes, injections, IV therapy, mother/infant care, diabetic care, cardiac care and more are available as needed. Some confuse Home Health with Hospice, but our team is focused on helping you or your loved one maintain health for as long as possible and this is not at all considered a near-death service.


Can all services be offered to you within a 50-mile radius of Stillwater? Can you benefit from private care assistance being available to you in your home? Would it give you and your family comfort to know all employees have been through extensive interviews and full background reviews prior to joining the Home Health team of professionals? If so, Home Health may be a fit for you! To be eligible for home care services paid by Medicare, you must (1) meet Medicare homebound criteria, (2) require nursing care or rehabilitation therapy for a short time or intermittently and (3) have treatment under a physician’s supervision. Home health services under other payor sources than Medicare require qualified home health staff to determine the benefits available for the patient.  Every attempt is made to provide that information prior to starting home health services.


Medicare Benefits cover the cost for home health services as “deemed reasonable, necessary, and ordered by your physician.” Medicaid, private insurance and private-pay patients are also welcome. Many private and group insurance plans cover home care services and, as a benefit to you, our employees research your coverage and advise you about which services your insurance or other source will help cover. Then, we work with private insurance carriers, Medicare and Medicaid to bill them directly for covered services.

Skilled Nursing

Assessment, teaching, wound care, dressing changes, injections, IV therapy, mother and infant care, diabetic or cardiac care and more.

Home Infusion Therapy

IV Therapy providing pain management, antibiotics, hydration and chemotherapy.

Occupational Therapy

Instruction to help you increase your abilities to live independently through activities of daily living such as dressing, feeding and self-care.

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation services for stroke, cardiac and post surgery patients including treatments, exercises and instruction designed to improve the quality of your muscle tone, coordination, balance, strength, endurance and joint flexibility

Speech Therapy

Evaluation, education and other services to those with speech and communication problems and/or swallowing difficulties

Medical Social Services

Comprehensive counseling and coordination with other community agencies, public or private, among other services designed to round out your mental and emotional well-being.

Nutrition Counseling

Registered dietitian instruction for new diets including diabetic, cardiac and lifestyle accountability to improve nutrition and aid overall healing and/or health.

Personal Care

Home Health Aides, supervised by professional employees, assisting with personal care including bathing, skin care, walking, basic exercise and simple household tasks.


Designed for your home, we offer a telephone based resource for vital sign measurements; receiving personalized advice messages; exchanging customized questions and answers; schedule reminders and alarms; easy-to-use voice prompts all through a lightweight and portable piece of equipment. Wireless options are available. Through the internet, you may access a state-of-the-art clinical management system offering secure data transfer and storage and videophone conferencing that’s all HIPPA compliant. The information is accessed daily by a qualified clinical nurse and information is transmitted to a secured nursing station at Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services regularly.


Women & Infant Skilled Home Health = WISHH. If you're wishing for post-delivery care that's customized and in your home, this is the program for you! Some new parents bring a newborn into the doctor's office for quick check ups. Other times, they prefer a nurse coming into the home so that's what the SMC WISHH program is all about. From infant care advice like bathing, safety and lactation to baby check ups on height, weight and bilirubin levels, your personalized visit is sure to be a great source of information and comfort during these new times. Ask your WISHH nurse about immunization shots, how to prevent RSV, tips for handling your baby - premature or full term - and more. SMC offers a full range of women's resources for pre-natal care to post delivery and infant care as well.