Our Team


Clerical Staff

Kayla Phifer, Office Assistant

Kayla provides a helpful, cheery voice to the face of Stillwater Medical Center Home Health where she serves as the receptionist and initial contact to most callers. She loves spending time with family and friends, camping and other outdoor activities and traveling. She originally hails from Wyoming for the first 24 years of her life. 

Jamie Daves, Billing Coordinator

Jamie provides efficient management of the financial processes of Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services. Her cheerful personality and helpful approach makes her a great teammate as she serves as a resource to our patients and family members to manage the business side of home health. She revels in her new role of grandma and enjoys spending time with her family and friends and outdoor activities.

Linda Bostick, CCA, Health Information Coordinator

Linda is one of the newer members of Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services. She has brought her organizational skills and professionalism from working in the manufacturing industry into the healthcare world.  She recently completed the Health Informatics course at Meridian Technology and has become a Certified Coding Assoicate for healthcare coding. Linda has reorganized the health information area of home health and plans to continue to serve our patients with their health information needs. 

Alana Woodliff, Resource Coordinator

Alana provides organizational structure to Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services. She helps coordinate processes and identifies areas of needed improvement. Her detail-oriented approach allows her to streamline processes to be effective in time management and outcomes. Alana enjoys spending time with her family and friends, including the family pets. 


Nursing Staff

Paige Alford Del Toro, RN

Paige holds a BS in Nursing from the University of Tulsa. She provides compassionate, quality nursing care in the comfort of your home, providing the patient with education and training to learn to manage their health needs. She is a newlywed, enjoying her new family along with her pet family. 

Maria Avers, RN

Maria serves as the director of Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services. Her passion is to provide care in the home setting that enables patients to return to the most independent life setting safely. She enjoys assisting SMCHH patients to transition to new life stages. Maria has been a nurse 25+ years and has practiced most of that time within the Stillwater and surrounding area. She is also active as a faith community nurse and clinical nursing instructor. She very much enjoys spending time with her family, especially her five grandchildren. 

Jamie Barrett, RN

Jamie holds a BS in nursing from Langston University. She is a skilled clinician and cares deeply for each of her patients. She is very protective of her patients and desires to help each of them get better as quick as possible. She lives south of Stillwater with her family and her cats. She truly enjoys her cats both in real life and as décor. Jamie loves being a part of the home health team and taking care of her patients. 

Janaya Blair, RN

Janaya came to Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services after relocation back to Stillwater from Norman. She is a Stillwater native and glad to be back home. Janaya values family time and has two wonderful girls to spend time with and watch grow. Janaya is a skilled nurse who is efficient and caring.  She will bring a smile to each patient she sees. 

Karlie Brasher, RN

Karlie began her nursing career in Kansas, but soon moved back home with her family to be near grandparents and extended family. Karlie works part-time for Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services. She has learned to fill in for multiple nursing roles, including filling in for the intake nurse position where she has the opportunity to assist our patients in coordinating the daily care provided by the agency. Karlie’s sweet voice and calm personality provide comfort to our patient clientele. Karlie uses those same skills to nurture her growing children. Spending time with her family is her primary focus when not at work. 

Bonnie Campis, RN

Bonnie serves as the intake nurse at Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services. She oversees day to day operations, takes referrals and orders from referral sources and physician offices. She helps to answer patient questions and staff questions. She is a skilled clinician that desires to care for the patients to the best of her ability every day. She is the core nurse that the agency relies on to manage day to day activities and serve as a clinical resource. She is active outside of work with many of her children’s activities. Her favorite part of her job is taking care of the patients. 

Cindy Dieringer, RN

Cindy has joined us after working for the U.S. government taking care of our soldiers. She is passionate about caring for the veterans in our community and making sure they receive the dignity and healthcare that they deserve in fighting for our freedom. Cindy is a thorough nurse who is able to manage multiple functions and treat each patient with kindness and strong clinical skills. She is a great addition to our healthcare team. 

Jane Grooms, LPN

Jane has worked as an LPN within the home care area for 20+ years. She has a compassionate caring approach; her patients believe that she is one of the family. She is very skilled at listening and can identify social issues with patient situations quickly and find action. She makes her patients feel safe and combats anxiety. Jane delights in her grandchildren; family is extremely important to her. She enjoys flower gardening and antiquing.  

Erica Lightfoot, RN

Erica has had a wide variety of nursing experiences: in the hospital, in an office, in surgery and endoscopy, and in home care. She is a hometown native and enjoys gardening, landscaping, and remodeling. Erica is active in church with her family. She aspires one day to return to school to become a nurse practitioner. Erica enjoys taking care of patients, particularly those with wounds. 

Linda Stewart, RN, OCN

Linda joined Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services after working as an oncology nurse. She coordinates the cancer support group that meets regularly in the Stillwater community. Linda has a special place for those impacted by cancer. She works part time and helps care for patients with the northeast section of our service area. Linda has a true passion for the work; she cares deeply for our patients. 

Jeanne Campbell RN, IBCLC and Holly Dyess RN, CBE

Jeanne and Holly take care of the infant population of Stillwater Medical Center Home Health. In 1996, the Women and Infant Skilled Home Health (WISHH) program was started to meet the needs of infants transitioning home that needed some extra TLC. Jeanne is the lead nurse who also provides pre-assessments for mothers about to deliver, lactation assistance while in the hospital, breastfeeding classes to pregnant moms, and then follows with home health visits as needed. She truly works across the continuum of the childbirth experience.  Jeanne is a certified breast feeding consultant (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). Holly just recently began seeing patients in the home environment to help with any overflow patients. Holly works on the maternal child health unit at SMC as well. Holly is a certified Breastfeeding Educator. 


Home Health Aides

Abby Jessell, HHA

Abby is a full-time college student with a pre-med curriculum. She is active in a college sorority and carrying a full load of classes. For Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services, she works part time as a home health aide helping patients with bathing and grooming. Abby is cheerful and a bright spot in her patient’s day.  

Connie Lightfoot, HHA

Connie has been a home health aide for 20+ years. She holds a wealth of experience and loves meeting all types of different people. She enjoys getting to know them on a personal level as well as a professional level.  She lives south of Perkins where she has raised her children. She has been a bowler in the past participating on a team sponsored by Stillwater Medical Center. 

Virginia Mitchell, HHA

Virginia has been an aide for Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services for 15+ years. She migrated back to this area from Nebraska to care for her parents. We are fortunate that she also chose to help take care of our patients. She is certified by the state of Oklahoma and provides personal care for our patients. She not only provides grooming and bathing but helps to run errands and prepare meals. She provides companion services as needed for patients by arrangement through Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services. Her family is native of the Pawnee area; she enjoys being able to share in the grandson’s activities. She avidly crochets and enjoys making baby blankets in her spare time.

Cherie Sneed, HHA

Cherie has been a long-time aide within the Stillwater community. She cares for patients by providing bathing and grooming as well as meal prep, environmental support and errands. She has worked for Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services for a little over a year. Cherie enjoys spending time with her patients. 


Social Services Staff

Pam Murphy, MS

Pam provides social work services under the supervision of Carolyn McElroy LCSW to help provide our patients with financial and community resources if needed. She is also able to perform short term counseling that assists with the patient meeting or progressing the treatment plan. She has previously taught psychology at NOC/OSU gateway program. Pam also provides counseling for the cardiopulmonary rehab program at Total Health. She enjoys meeting the vast variety of patients that she is able to assist with more effective resources.


Physical Therapy Staff

Stephanie Bennett, PT

Stephanie provides physical therapy evaluation and treatment to promote the highest level of functioning in daily life. She has extensive experience in spinal and rehab treatments and care. Stephanie encourages patients to maximize their potential. In her busy home life, she is a wife and mother. She enjoys numerous activities with her family. She is an avid gardener and reader. Stillwater Medical Center Home Health patients are very fortunate to be treated by this dynamic therapist.  

Terry Bryson, PT

Terry has been a therapist for over 35 years. He recently became a grandfather and has enjoyed that role.  He is skilled as a musician, instrument builder, and pilot as well as a therapist. He also pursued a law degree. Terry is a Renaissance man, but in the meantime he provides therapy for patients to strengthen ambulation and return them to a more independent situation. 

Trey Ratzlaff, PTA

Trey has been a physical therapist assistant in the Stillwater area for quite some time. Previously he worked on the rehab unit at SMC, the acute floors at SMC, and Total Health at SMC. Trey’s vast experience has led him to excel in the role of physical therapy assistant in the home health world. Trey has the ability to place patients at ease and motivate them to progress to the best of their ability. Stillwater Medical Center Home Health Services receive many compliments from his patients. Trey is active with his daughter’s activities and enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf and softball, and working on their acreage. 


Speech Therapy Staff

Shannon Deer, CCC-SLP

Shannon is a speech therapist who provides therapy for those patients having difficulty with swallowing and speaking disorders. She can also assist patients if there are cognition issues with memory or processing.  Shannon works as a speech therapist in the Coyle school system, so she is able to take care of all ages from children to frail elderly. 


Nutrition Staff

Angela Gamble RD/LD

Angela provides dietary instruction to our patients on complex medical diets. She is effective in assisting patients with wound healing or weight loss. Angela teaches people how they can improve the quality of life through proper nutrition and increased activity. In her home life, Angela enjoys time with her family and friends, scrapbooking, running, and traveling.